+Seven things you need to know about the Serbia-Albania match violence in Belgrade



Much of the international media coverage of the violence in the Partizan Belgrade stadium has focused on the stunt of a drone flying an Albanian banner, the ensuing brawl and pitch invasion by angry Serb fans. There were additional elements to the violence that are either not being reported…


Always pray to have: 1. Eyes that see the best in people.  2. A heart that forgives the worst.  3. A soul that never loses faith.

Gimme pizza. Photo by Devyn Galindo
"For that flag we die #DontTouchOurFlag 🔴⚫️👐"
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I want the whole world to know that I come from a place that’s called Albania and I’m pround for that
Dua qe e gjithe bota ta di qe vi nga nje vend i quajtur Shqiperi dhe jam krenare per kete ♥♥♥♥